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                              • Home > Solutions > Ore Crushing >

                                Gold ore Crushing Line

                                Capacity: 50-800t/h
                                Max feeding size: 1000mm
                                Application: mining, metallurgy and chemical industry
                                Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
                                Delivery: 30-45 days


                                Equipment Configuration of Gold ore Crushing Plant:
                                ZSW series vibrating feeder + PE series jaw crusher + PY series cone crusher + YK series circular vibrating screen;
                                ZSW series vibrating feeder + PE series jaw crusher + PY series cone crusher + PCX vertical shaft impact crusher+ YK series circular vibrating screen
                                Gold ore Crushing Line
                                DSMAC Sand and Gravel Project Department can offer the service as follow:
                                Turnkey general contracting service of gravel and Aggregate production line project (Design, Civil Engineering and Installation)
                                All the equipment and related spare parts
                                Professional and timely after-sale service
                                Client customization. DSMAC can organize skilled expert team and make proposal for equipment selection as our customers’ requirement.

                                Special Focus

                                DSMAC, a leading manufacturer of gold mining equipment, had been selected by CNBM to become gold crusher supplier for Iran gold ore project in April, 2012.


                                Gold ore Crushing Line



                                Please enter your demand such as Raw material type, Capacity, Feeding material size, Final product size. To become our quality clients will have access to a 2%-10% discount of contract!

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