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                              • Home > Solutions > Ore Crushing >

                                Basalt Crushing Line

                                Capacity: 50-800t/h
                                Max feeding size: 1000mm
                                Application: Highway pavement material, sand and gravel aggregate for high speed passenger railway line, hydropower station, port, and airport pavement
                                Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
                                Delivery: 30-45 days


                                Equipment Configuration of Basalt Crushing Plant:
                                ZSW series vibrating feeder + PE series jaw crusher + PY series cone crusher + Belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen;
                                ZSW series vibrating feeder + PE series jaw crusher + PF series impact crusher + PCX series vertical shaft impact crusher + Belt conveyor + YK series circular vibrating screen.
                                Granite Crushing Line

                                Corporate Strength of DSMAC

                                DSMAC successively undertook lots of large engineering projects, such as Tianrui 8000 TPD tailings crushing production line, Jinlong 8000 TPD sand and gravel crushing joint production, and Changjiu 20000 TPD construction aggregate production line. DSMAC has had more than 10 years’ experience of design large crusher plant, configuration and installation; currently it has the ability of turnkey general contracting service for 1000-20000TPD gravel and aggregate production line project.

                                Granite Crushing Line
                                DSMAC high-grade basalt crushing line has unique advantages:
                                1. High aggregate quality, content of thin and flaky grains less than 5%. The common crushing technics had been used in a dolerite mine in China, among finished products content of thin and flaky grains is more than 10%, thus unmarketable resulted became more and more serious. However, after technology reconstruction of VSI vertical shaft impact crusher, content of thin and flaky grains has been reduced to 4.7%, which brought growth of marketing volume.
                                2. The production capacity can increase by 50%.
                                3. Although the cost of the complete basalt crushing line is increased, it is suited for long-term business operation. It can provide high-quality sand and gravel aggregate to highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydro-electric dam construction and concrete batching plant.


                                Basalt Crushing Line



                                Please enter your demand such as Raw material type, Capacity, Feeding material size, Final product size. To become our quality clients will have access to a 2%-10% discount of contract!

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