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            DSM Hammer Mill

            Raw materials: Limestone, gypsum, cement clinker
            Capacity: 35-750t/h
            Max feeding size: 250mm
            Application: cement production, mining and metallurgy
            Shipping ports: Shanghai, Qingdao or Tianjin
            Delivery: 15-30 days


            3d百位振幅遗漏走势图 The DSM series of hammer mills are ideal for coal and soft mineral crushing applications. They are high capacity hammer mills with high reduction rate. Since the grinding walls are arranged on both sides of the crusher, the direction of the rotor can be reversed for optimal usage of the beater heads and longer service life.


            DSM Hammer Mill is ideal for
            1.For fine and medium crushing (Product size up to<5mm).
            2. Hard coal and lignite in coal processing and power plants (circulating fluidized bed).
            3.Limestone and gypsum rock.
            4.Other related soft to medium-hard minerals, as well as various types of salt and fertilizer.
            High Performance - Low Operating Costs
            1.Capacity increased by 5-10% and up to 2500 TPH
            2.Wear parts have longer service life. The AMC alloy hammerhead (Big Gold Teeth®) enjoys a service life increased by 50~150%.
            3.The new hammer rotor consists of a heavy, forged, square cross-section shaft fitted with cast steel rotor discs. The special "sandwich" assembly of the discs is a robust construction, preventing distortion and crack formation.
            4.The wear parts of the hammer mill are easily replaced due to the hydraulic opening device.



            Please enter your demand such as Raw material type, Capacity, Feeding material size, Final product size3d百位振幅遗漏走势图. To become our quality clients will have access to a 2%-10% discount of contract!

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