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                            • Home > Products > Crusher Parts >

                              Hammer Crusher Rotor

                              Application: Hammer Crusher, Impact crusher, Grate cooler, Fine crusher
                              Core technology: hardfacing
                              Service: Processing with supplied drawings or samples
                              OEM: OEM is available


                              Hammer crusher rotor is the key component of hammer crusher. After long time using, the hammer pin is easily to be out of shape,also the plate and crusher hammers are likely to break. DSMAC manufactures the optimized crusher rotor, and solves all these problems completely.


                              Adopting advanced international finite element analysis technology, and improved the rotor design effectively.
                              "Use your power wisely". As for the weak part by stress analysis nephogram of rotor, we take the way of reinforcement and use the high-strength steel, and also the protective design with armour-style, which can increase 50%-100% the service of rotor.
                              Use the design of adjustable hammer crusher rotor inertia, the rotor can greatly improve the crushing efficiency, increase the productivity by 20%-30%, and cam reduce the granularity by 30-50%.

                              Scientific research strength

                              3d百位振幅遗漏走势图 DSMAC owns a research development team, including 3 national experts and a large number of senior engineers and masters. In addition, the company also established strategic partnerships with famous universities, such as Xi'an Jiaotong university, Materials engineering college of Zhengzhou university, Harbin materials research institute, and many of universities and R&D institution, will keep long-term and close cooperation to promote wear-resisting casting industry development in China.

                              Customized request is available, and we accept processing with supplied drawings or samples.
                              The picture is only for reference, the real product is the standard .



                              Please enter your demand such as Raw material type, Capacity, Feeding material size, Final product size. To become our quality clients will have access to a 2%-10% discount of contract!

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