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                                DSMAC Exhibits Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant at the Jakarta Mining Exhibition

                                Source: Mobile crushing and screening   By Liu Lerry   Posted: Sep 23,2019   Views: 
                                Mobile crushing and screening plant

                                In September 21, 2019 the four-day Indonesia Jakarta Mining Exhibition concluded successfully. The MOBILE CRUSHING AND SCREENING PLANT from China DAMAC has attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors. The other products that participated in the exhibition include, track mounted belt conveyors, aggregate crusher and coal crushing equipment.

                                Mobile crushing and screening plant is an integration of new type energy-saving, efficient crusher in the international advanced level. It featured modular design, excellent combination, intelligent wireless operation, low cost and efficient operation. We put the site design, environmental protection, easy to transport, and saving energy as the primary problem to be resolved, providing customers with the best technology of crushing solution.

                                With high performance, high reliability and attractive appearance, the Mobile Crushing and Screening Station has reached the international advanced level. We can design the primary crushing, secondary crushing, tertiary crushing and combine them according to customers' requirement. We will try our best to provide help to our customers.
                                It is widely used in mining, water conservancy, construction and other fields.

                                Mobile crushing and screening plant

                                If you have any questions or interested in our Mobile Crushing and Screening Station please feel free to email us via . Our engineers will provide you with the most professional answers and help!

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