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                    Site Inspection

                     Site Inspection

                    We are a Chinese crusher and sand making machine manufacturer. Since 1997, we have specialized in producing a wide range of products, including Mobile Crushing Plant, Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher, Ring Hammer Crusher, Rotary Sand Maker, Vibrating Feeder, Linear Screen, Wear Resistant Parts and so on. Features like great reliability, high performance, low maintenance and long life have made our products popular in many industries, such as Mining, Building Materials, Metallurgy, Transportation, Coal, Chemical, and Environmental Protection.

                    01/ Visiting Route

                    DSMAC professional online service and skilled engineers are always waiting for you! You can contact us with Skype, Yahoo, MSN and ICQ, which is direct and convenient.

                    / Business reception

                    The luxurious commercial vehicles serves you during the whole journey, completely solving the travel problems after you come to Zhengzhou; elegant cafe keeps you comfortable when negotiate with us.

                    / Visiting exhibition hall

                    DSMAC salesman will take you to visit our first-class production line, advanced manufacturing equipment, imported inspection systems, modern machinery exhibition hall and spare parts exhibition hall, bringing you a more intuitive impression of the scale of production equipment.

                    / Visiting on-site customer
                    DSMAC has a lot of customers in Zhengzhou and nearby district. Come here, and you can visit various on-site customers, including China largest sandstone aggregate production line with capacity of 2000 ton per day, advanced sandstone and limestone jointly production line, professional cement crusher and world second largest impact crusher PF2325V.

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