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                                    Home > Products > Stone Crusher

                                    PF Impact Crusher

                                    PF series impact crushers feature a unique combination of heavy-duty rotor, wear material and crushing chamber design. ...

                                    • Raw MaterialsGranite, Limestone, Concrete
                                    • Max Capacity1000 t/h
                                    • Max Power500 Kw
                                    • ApplicationMining, Metallurgy, Quarry
                                    • Shipping PortQingdao, or Shanghai

                                    3d百位振幅遗漏走势图Parameter above for reference only,please click below to know more.

                                    Click to download the PF Impact Crusher Brochure Get Price

                                    PF series impact crushers feature a unique combination of heavy-duty rotor, wear material and crushing chamber design. This combination has proved revolutionary in improving capacity, product quality and in reducing operating and wear costs, ensuring the lowest operating cost per tonne, for a wide range of materials and applications.

                                    PF Series Cones Are Ideal for:
                                    Primary and secondary for crushing of low abrasion materials.
                                    Both stationary and mobile processes.
                                    Versatile machine - suitable for quarrying and gravel pit industries, cement industry, concrete and asphalt recycling, and slag recycling.
                                    Main Working Benefits of PF Series Impact Crusher
                                    Quick and easy installation
                                    Very simple design with high mechanical reliability
                                    Simple to use
                                    Fixed or mobile applications
                                    To Get Main Maintenance Benefits
                                    Easy blow bars locking device
                                    Wide choice of blow bars and liners
                                    Friendly design to easy maintenance
                                    Many options to improve crusher efficiency
                                    Safe environment working conditions

                                    Little Dust and Low Noise Levels

                                    Equipped with dust-cleaning apparatus water tank, in order to reduce the noise, damping layer is filled in the interlayer between the upper body and the lower body. All this combines to create a safer and cleaner working environment.

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