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                          After Service

                          DSMAC has always pursued the service concept of "Create customer value, the customer is always right". As for service, clients' needs have always been our primary concern. Through standardized, differentiated and super valued service, we can reduce clients' psychological cost and use-cost, and ultimately increase clients' transition value, profitability and purchasing power. As a result, we can improve DSMAC's service brand competitiveness and lead the way of service for fellow competitors.

                          Accessories Service

                          3d百位振幅遗漏走势图Our company is a major manufacturer of wear resistant materials. DSMAC has always valued product quality as its core value. Most of our parts and quick-wear parts are manufactured with quality wear-resistant materials and advanced processing techniques. Our equipment features excellent durability and wear resistance.

                          Service Network

                          Presently, DSMAC has offices and branch companies in more than 10 countries and regions, and 31 offices in China. In addition to traditional after-sale service, our company offers internet sales and product trace services. We guarantee that we will offer our valued clients timely and thorough services.

                          Service Team

                          Our company has 30 engineers providing professional after-sale services. They are all skilled, experienced and familiar with the working principles of various machines and equipment. We promise that we will arrive on scene within 48 hours for 1000 kilometers when we get a call from our clients and not over 72 hours for clients farther away.

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