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                    DSMAC Group

                    Founded in 1997, DSMAC Group is a crusher and sand making machine manufacturer with a complete line of crushing, grinding and screening equipment. Our equipment can be used in the mining, building materials, metallurgy, transportation, coal, chemical, and environmental protection industries.

                    impression of DSMAC Group

                    • Production sites

                    • 3d百位振幅遗漏走势图Board meetings

                    • Trade Show

                    • Customer visits

                    Endless Pursuit Innovation

                    research & development

                    • 3d百位振幅遗漏走势图Laboratory Equipment

                    • 3d百位振幅遗漏走势图Laboratory Equipment

                    honor & qualification

                    • 3d百位振幅遗漏走势图ISO Certification

                    • Patent

                    • 3d百位振幅遗漏走势图SGS Certification

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